Behind The Design: Tactix Backpack

Tactix Half-Day Backpack

The First Tactical Tactix Half-Day Backpack is a very full featured backpack, giving you the absolute best in organization. Equipped with laser cut technology, offering an abrasion resistant fabric, rip resistant interior, and binder makes this bag 20% stronger and lighter than its competitors on the market.

Compression Straps

We took a little different approach to the compression straps on this bag. In order to customize the bag better to your body we made the compression straps removable. The straps can be moved anywhere you prefer on the backpack. You can remove them, add more, move them up or down.

It’s your piece of kit so design it how you like it.

Front Side Velcro Platform

We designed the Velcro platform on the front to be a little oversized. We wanted to you give you ample space to put all of your favorite patches. On the front of the bag there is a three by six area followed up top with a two by six area. Each area is a bit oversized to allow for larger patches to go on the bag in either area just how you like it.

Zipper Design

As you think about backpacks, you want to make sure you have quality hardware. We use all the best YKK® zippers and Duraflex® hardware throughout the backpack to ensure a long life. To help keep the zippers clean and functional long term, we reversed the zippers to the inside. This keeps dirt and debris out of the teeth of the zipper helping to preserve the functionality longer.

To help manipulate the exterior zippers better we removed the rain cover. We noticed that on other backpacks the rain cover would often get caught in the teeth of the zipper making the bag virtually useless because you can’t access your gear quickly and efficiently. By removing the cover this problem is avoided giving you quick and easy access to your gear on any mission.

Interior Organization

In the realm of backpacks there's two users. You have neat freaks and you have dumpers. We really tried to cater more towards the neat freak, while not offending the dumpers. Our solution was macro-organization. Earbuds, power cords, power bricks, all those things you need multiple times a day are easy to access in the front before you get to the organization. The zippers are also textured differently so you are able to determine which pocket you are accessing without even having to look.

The inside of the bag is designed as a full featured organizer. Lighter colors were used to make it easier to see all important components. In addition, there's a nice lip to each opening so that it’s easy to navigate to pens, flashlights and other small accessories. The organizer itself has small, medium, and large pockets and additional zippered pockets to keep valuables secure.

Right behind the organizer, we have a concealed carry pocket. It allows you to keep any type of firearm zipped up. It's very deep and goes all the way down to the bottom of the bag. Security is important so we have designed a nice Velcro loop on the inside with a board behind it so it will support the firearm appropriately. This pocket can also be used for a tablet or for a small computer as well. Located on top of the bag we have engineered a small dump pocket. This pocket is great for dumping small items into it such as sunscreen or lip balm.

Main Compartment

The Tactix Half-Day Backpack opens a full 180 degrees. The zippers traverse all the way down around the corner to allow for a full opening. The interior is modeled in a light color to make the inside components much more visible. The inside platform can be used to don Velcro pouches or a loop to secure your favorite molle pouches.

Side note, when considering a backpack, you want to make sure that your backpack has two layers of fabric on the bottom. Anything with a single layer is poor quality. We also made the bottom into a pocket accessible from the outside. It's a great place to store a space blanket, a poncho, or an extra set of tactical gloves.

On the main compartment, there are two additional pockets to lend a little extra storage vertically. Up on the top, you will notice that there is a sunglass pocket. This is a hammock pocket that prevents your sunglasses from hanging down low and getting crushed by heavy items in the pack.

The Tactix Backpack is a two-compartment backpack. The main compartment is four and half inches deep with an additional pocket that is one inch deep. You’ll also find, what is called, a Hook & Hang Thru™ pocket. Engineered with two hooks and a zippered bottom so items such as rifle sleeve can go all the way through the bag keeping your hands free.

Back of the Bag

The backpack shoulder strap system, controlled by two tri-glides, move up and down and in and out so the bag can be adjusted to the height of the individual. Make sure that backpack is located on the lower part of your back and fits the curve of that back board for best comfort. Customize the fit by removing the back board adjusting it to the shape of your back and placing it back in a location that fits you best.

The shoulder straps are dual density with two layers of foam; up on top and down on bottom. Platform is also located on the shoulder straps to give you a more versatile approach to your load. We’ve also added a few pieces of Velcro on the shoulder straps in case you prefer to have a small pouch readily accessible on the strap. One last benefit to the straps is they are built with closed foam and an Aero-Spacer Mesh on both sides. This feature helps to prevent water and perspiration absorption and other debris that will cause the straps to disintegrate much earlier than the life of the backpack.

And that completes the Tactix Half-Day Backpack. First Tactical also offers a 1-Day and 3-Day version of this utility backpack. To learn more about the pouches and accessories for this bag make sure you check out Behind The Design: Pouches & Attachements.