When products are cut to fit, they are more functional, comfortable, and versatile.

Female officer holding a pistol

First things first. When we sat down with female professionals in the field to find out what was missing from the marketplace, they told us that a) there are so few options for women’s gear in the tactical market, and b) with the few brands that do offer women’s gear, the pieces are ill fitting, and feature an overabundance of non-functional pockets and excessive features. We've covered this.

When products are cut to fit, they are more functional, comfortable, and versatile — we’re starting with that premise. Our designers have varied backgrounds in technical design and pattern making, and have applied this experience not only in tactical markets, but also to outdoor functional apparel and active sportswear companies. Each category has unique features, and those experiences have helped to shape our products.

From design to material developments to the fit, the end products are a collaboration of these product engineers. We have designed women’s tactical products in every category, from pants and shirts, to outerwear and gloves. Our women’s shirts are narrower in the shoulders, have thinner arm profiles, and boast chest measurements with different proportion than that of men’s shirting. First Tactical women’s pants have a flattering silhouette with smaller waists, fuller hips, and a lower, more natural rise. Our women’s duty gloves are designed to fit the unique female hand structure, with a longer trigger finger and shorter ring finger, to give you the form, control, and precision you want and expect from your tactical equipment.

At the end of the day, the product looks good and it performs. We never cut corners or take shortcuts when it comes to intuitive design.The details and functions are all in the right places, but fit for the woman's shape, because if you feel your best you can perform at your peak — that’s the First Tactical difference.

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