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In the traditional tactical marketplace, tactical gear is marked up 3 times by the time it reaches you, the consumer. At First Tactical, we’re doing things differently. By selling directly to you, eliminating the retailer — and all of the costs associated with working within the traditional retail model — we are able to pass immense savings on to you.

Take, for example, our systems outerwear. The comparative price for jackets of this caliber is $500 dollars, based on best-in-class products that have similar fit, fabrics, and features as our jacket. But there are no $500 jackets in public safety. In this case, we have to look to high-end outdoor gear to find an equal comparison. In the past, the traditional retail model has rendered products of this quality too cost prohibitive to create for public safety. Until now. When our Systems Outerwear Jacket hits the market, it will be priced at $299

First Tactical offers high value products at a lower price, which is not to be confused with low value products sold at a low price. By selling direct, we are passing on the margins to you. We’re designing high end products, with quality materials, and selling them directly to you at the best possible price.

High end tactical gear, better pricing — that is the DNA of First Tactical.

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