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First Tactical Belts

First Tactical belts center on ergonomics and profile. This is not simply a strap to hold up your pants, but a purposefully built, solidly designed tool that reduces front buckle profile, and provides load carrying, vertical rigidity while retaining comfort. The low profile double bar buckle reduces bulk and eases manipulation, while rounded woven edges on the top and bottom of the belt make for a smooth, easy wear that forms to the body.

drop date [MAR 2016]
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Pulling from over eight years of market research, competitive analysis, and interaction with a wide range of operators and public safety professionals from across the nation, our design team has built a line of belts that boasts better performance in fabrication, feature, fit and function. Cut on a curve to hang on the waist and reduce jutting at the back or sides, the First Tactical belt is strong enough to hold up a holster but also comfortable and lightweight enough to move with the body in action.

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